The VergePlayer is a software and hardware solution for playing digital audio. It utilizes a small form factor allowing for installation in a car or integration into an existing home theatre system.


The software for the player is written in Perl and uses MySQL for storing song data. A serial LCD display is used for outputting status information and displaying a menu that is controlled through the displays keypad interface. For audio playback, Xaudio is currently supported although formats beyond MP3 may be implemented in the future. The following have been completed. See the TODO for what still remains to be done.
  • Basic Menu Operation
  • Serial Output Code
  • Keypad Reading
  • IPC with rxaudio


The player's hardware is still being designed, but will be based on a very nice set top box from Allwell. For automotive use, a DC power supply will be implemented, with the option of using an AC adapter for use outside of the car. The display used is a MatrixOrbital LK202-25V 20x2 LCD display with keypad interface.

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