What's In Your Ears?
These days, finding good songs to listen to on the road can be a challenge. Radio stations don't always play the kind of music everyone likes and there's no way to control what will be played next. CDs help solve part of this problem, but they provide only a little over an hour of music.

The Solution

MP3s have become popular recently for storing songs on a computer, so why not take this same technology and apply it to a car? VergePlayer is a project to integrate internet audio formats in an automotive environment in a way that allows maximum configurability and ease of use.

Help Us Out!

Although the project is progressing steadily, it could certainly use some help from outside developers. All of the code is open source under the GNU public license and is available in the downloads section. Take a look at the to do list and let us know if you would like to help out.
© Copyright 2001 Tyler Hunt

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